FFdogs Galaxy Gaga

Born: 3/1 - 2011. Continentel Bulldog.

Weight: 22 Kg
Height: 42 Cm
AD: 0-0

Approved for breeding in Continental Bulldog club

Thank you FFdogs, Frank and Inga for this great dog. I will take good care of her.

Only Bully's Ivy

Born: 21/12 - 2013. Leavitt Bulldog.

HD: OFA Fair / FCI B
ED: 0-0
Spine: Normal

A&L Bulldogs Elfie

Born: 10/12 - 2014. From FFdogs Galaxy Gaga and Only Bully's Buster.

A&L Bulldogs Gurli

Born: 5/11 - 2015.
A&L Bulldogs Gurli from Only Bullys Ivy & Only Bullys Buster. Born 5th Novemer 2015. Gurli lives at her own family but is going to be in our breeding program in the future. Thank you Tine and Kim for taking such a good care of her.

A&L Bulldogs Irma aka Brownie

Born: 24/12 - 2016.