With the idea of breeding a healthier Bulldog several people have in recent decades, at their own discretion, attempt to breed back the Bulldog of the past

Leavitt Bulldog

In 1971 David Leavitt started in collaboration with the University of Ohio a breeding program to breed the Leavitt bloodline, resulting in a muscular, breathable and athletic Bulldog.

Renascence Bulldog

Renascence or rebirth. With health problems at the time, Chadde Jolicoeur has developed a Bulldog, which he would not have these problems. Thus was born around 1990 strong, medium, diligent and athletic Bulldog.

Continental Bulldog

Imelda Angehrn is the founder of the Continental Bulldog recognized by the Schweizerische Gesellschaft Kynologische (SKG). They cruised in the first generations with Old English Bulldogs english bulldogs.

Victorian Bulldog

In 1985, Ken Mollet & Graham Woods from England began with breeding back from their ideal Bulldog, the Victorian Bloodline, this resulted in a very heavy and massive bulldog.

Hermes Bulldog

Mr. Miller and Ms. Hermes found the Leavitt Bulldog not their perfect OEB, they had a heavier OEB in mind. This resulted in an own blood line, namely the Hermes, resulting in a short checkered, heavy Bulldog.

Alternative Bulldog

The Alternative is a combination of the above types. It goes without saying that there is a great deal of blood lines to be used are for this type. This allows "foreign blood" breeding, resulting in beautiful, healthy Bulldogs.