Alternative OEB

The Alternative Old English Bulldog is a collection name for the Bulldog's whose ancestry is built on the original lines from the pure Olde English Bulldog. The Alternative OEB can be detected in a variety of clubs around Europe and the USA. These clubs are more or less pure registration clubs without any kind of breeding requirements.
All our breeding candidates are always health tested as part of the evaluation before breeding. I strive to breed athletic bulldogs that can move freely and without respiratory distress. My alternative bulldog puppies are registered and have pedigrees from ARFE from guaranteed health tested parents. David Leavitt made the breed OLD ENGLISH BULLDOG, but chose to rename it to Leavitt Bulldog, after many others had tried to create their own type of bulldog, under the same name. Today Leavitt Bulldog hallmark of the original Old English Bulldog, with bloodlines dating back to 1971.